…السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

One of the famous affordable Thai restaurants in Dubai. Known for its funny menu, unique atmosphere and good food! Smiling BKK is definitely one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Dubai.


When entering the restaurant the only thing you wanted to do is just look around. There are so many things hung on the wall, mostly funny Mona Lisa portraits! As soon as you enter you are greeted and given the HUGE menu with a toy gun. YES A TOY GUN. This toy gun is used to call your waiter/ress so you do not look stupid just raising your hand and no one is looking at you. Everyone hates just waving at a waiter/ress and them not looking at you. The restaurant is fairly darker than any usual restaurant.


Here are pictures of the variety of the things we ordered, that I would also recommend you trying. You can choose the “percentage” of how spicy you would like your food to be. We usually say “50%”. The bill came out to be 225 Dirhams.

– Som Tum on the right, Laab Gai / Nuea on the left.

– Nuea Yang

– Chicken Green Curry with jasmine rice

– Pad Si Ew (Seafood)

– Mango with coconut sticky rice

Why we keep going back? The food is authentic Thai food that is very flavorful and cooked well! I never went there and was disappointed by the food or the service.

Alia x


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