…السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

It is hard to resist the flavors of Spanish cuisine. One of my favorite go-to restaurants whenever I am in London is “La Tasca”. When ordering the paella they do tell you that it will take time. We ordered the seafood paella and it was *as usual* DELICIOUS. But if you want to grab quick bites, I would recommend you go with the tapas instead. The food is what you expect in a Spanish restaurant. There is a wide selection on the menu that caters for all tastes.

Seafood Paella :
This portion was perfect for 3 people.
IMG_0442 copy


“Camden Lock Market” offers great food to savor from around the world. If you ever find yourself there then make sure to check out “Hola Paella”. The paella is well seasoned and is freshly made on daily basis. Offering three different plate sizes *S,M,L*, depending on how hungry you are.

Seafood Paella :

IMG_0426 copy

Alia x


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  1. mmm, the paella looks great! I also really enjoy the food stall jamon jamon which serves the most delicious chicken paella, you should give it a go! they are located at Notting hill market every saturday 🙂


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