…السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Every Friday morning Ripe will host their market from 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM at Zaabeel Park (Gate 1). You will find fresh organic fruits, vegetables, local food stalls, mini version of restaurants, crafts, fun activities for the kids, live music and many more! ATM machines are available this year too. The majority of the places have reasonable pricing. There are different types of seating areas and since it is in a park it would be a fun picnic experience. I would recommend you visit the Ripe Market early as it gets VERY crowded and it would be difficult to find a parking spot (We parked in the sand pit across Gate 1!). You should definitely check this place out as it is only for a period of time. There is a clear improvement from last year.

Lemonade (10 DHS each) :
Fresh sour but sweet, the perfect balance of a good lemonade.
IMG_0510 copy

Love Donuts (15/18 DHS each) :
I will have a separate blog post about this so stay tuned !
IMG_0502 copy

Vanilla Milkshake (20 DHS) :
Trying to beat the heat with this milkshake that was spot on. From “54 East”.
IMG_0516 copy

Green Juice, Orange Roots, Cashew Saffron (115 DHS total) :
One of the best fresh & healthy juices in Dubai. Though a little bit overpriced. From “Essentiall”.

Sweet Potato (20 DHS) :
Crunchy sweet potato that you just can’t stop nibbling from.

Raclette Dubai (35 DHS) :
Boiled baby potato with amazing melted cheese on top. A must try if you are there.

Details :
Website :
Instagram : @RipeFresh

Alia x


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