…السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This is hot dog is a new little restaurant that opened at JLT (Cluster I). The interiors, the waitresses, the tables, the menu .. everything was done with such great details. This is hot dog is what you would exactly expect from a place specializing with hot dogs. They have a variety of hot dogs to choose from we opted for the Japanese, Mexican, Franky and BBQ Brisket. Do order their Luxury fries ( AED 15 ) as their softness from the inside but crunchy from the outside is not something to miss.

The Japanese hot dog was more on the sweeter side. Containing sweet fresh mango on alfalfa leaves and crunchy iceberg of lettuce with smooth wasabi mayo. Japanese sauce and a gentle ginger pickle ( AED 29 ). A definite re-order !IMG_5882

The Mexican included lush guacamole and sour cream mixed with spring onions, jalapeños, tomatoes and smothered with cheddar cheese on top of refried beans. ( AED 24 ). A definite re-order!IMG_5886

The Franky is exactly what you would expect a good old burger to taste like. Containing ketchup, mayo, mustard, top with onions, dill pickle, sweet corn and finished with cheddar cheese ( AED 25 ). A re-order !image2

BBQ Brisket each sandwich contained 200g of Australian brisket beef that is cooked overnight for 9/10 hours. Personally I did not enjoy it. ( AED 53 )IMG_5892

Choco bun is banana in their soft bread topped with nutella and m&ms. A good way to add sweetness after all the delicious hot dogs. ( AED 23 )image1

Telephone : 800844

Instagram : @Thisishotdog

Location : Jumeira Lake Towers, Cluster I



Alia x



…السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

One of the things I want to see more in the UAE is more shops specializing in sweets, more specifically DONUTS. I found “Love Doughnuts” through Instagram and was very lucky to know they have a pop up shop at Ripe Market. The packaging is well thought off, with doughnuts stacked on top of each other in circle shaped boxes. While the doughnuts are worth trying they are overpriced. Personally, I am not a fan of custard filled doughnuts but they impressed me. The Oreo doughnut was my favorite. Love Doughnuts have a variety of creative doughnuts to savor from. Overall, the doughnuts are very well executed, soft and tasty.


Choco Caramel Sundae

Oreo Fudge

Hazelnut Corn Flakes

Dulce de Leche


Box of 5 doughnuts ( 70 AED ) :

Telephone : +971 (0)2 446 6240
Instagram : @Love_Doughnuts
Website : http://www.lovedoughnuts.com

Alia x


…السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Every Friday morning Ripe will host their market from 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM at Zaabeel Park (Gate 1). You will find fresh organic fruits, vegetables, local food stalls, mini version of restaurants, crafts, fun activities for the kids, live music and many more! ATM machines are available this year too. The majority of the places have reasonable pricing. There are different types of seating areas and since it is in a park it would be a fun picnic experience. I would recommend you visit the Ripe Market early as it gets VERY crowded and it would be difficult to find a parking spot (We parked in the sand pit across Gate 1!). You should definitely check this place out as it is only for a period of time. There is a clear improvement from last year.

Lemonade (10 DHS each) :
Fresh sour but sweet, the perfect balance of a good lemonade.
IMG_0510 copy

Love Donuts (15/18 DHS each) :
I will have a separate blog post about this so stay tuned !
IMG_0502 copy

Vanilla Milkshake (20 DHS) :
Trying to beat the heat with this milkshake that was spot on. From “54 East”.
IMG_0516 copy

Green Juice, Orange Roots, Cashew Saffron (115 DHS total) :
One of the best fresh & healthy juices in Dubai. Though a little bit overpriced. From “Essentiall”.

Sweet Potato (20 DHS) :
Crunchy sweet potato that you just can’t stop nibbling from.

Raclette Dubai (35 DHS) :
Boiled baby potato with amazing melted cheese on top. A must try if you are there.

Details :
Website : http://www.ripeme.com
Instagram : @RipeFresh

Alia x


…السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The Plaza Food Hall is located underneath The Plaza Hotel offering different cuisines, bakeries, crepes and many more. This little gem is what caught my eyes. What I loved most about this place is that it covers different cuisines in one menu, from pizza to sushi. If you are looking for a short stay and good food this is the place. A big space with a sushi bar, pizza station and long tables which means you will be sitting with other guests if you are in a small group. We were seated at the pizza station and enjoyed watching our pizza being made.

The Classic :
I LOVE PIZZA. And no not everyone can make a good Margherita Pizza but Todd English did not disappoint, it impressed me! I asked for hot sauce too.
IMG_0280 copy

Lobster Mac’n’Cheese :
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this dish. Could not help myself but kept on having bites of it from my sister. This was GOOOD.
IMG_0278 copy

Chicken & Broccoli Stir Fry :
Only thing about this dish is that the portion was too small.
IMG_0281 copy

Alia x


…السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Jumeira Lake Towers offers a variety of new cafés, patisseries, restaurants and many more start up companies! I really just want to spend a month there to try out all the new things!

Here is one of the new patisserie dedicated entirely to éclairs! The éclairs are high quality with fresh & fine ingredients. Though they need to be consumed in the next 24 hours after purchase to enjoy it (suggested by them) !

These mini éclairs are the perfect size for fancy gatherings or casual meetups with friends ! They are creamy and soft. Éclair offer 12 different flavors ranging from milk chocolate and passion fruit to Japanese green matcha tea.

Price: Each mini éclair is for 8.50 DHS while the regular is for 19 DHS.

Here is the box that we bought:


Size of éclair:

Inside of éclair:

Location: Lake Shore Towers, Cluster Y, JLT, Dubai
Instagram: eclairium
Twitter: @eclairtweet
Phone Number: 04 – 4279901
Website: http://www.eclair.ae

Alia x